XAUUSD – GOLD 4H Timeframe Technical Analysis

Starting off on the Daily time frame to understand the overall trend, you can see that price has recently made a new high around $1550 zone and now have started to Flag or consolidating close its ema’s. At the beginning of October we saw Daily price testing its 50 EMA and bouncing off that support […]

How much money can you make in Forex Trading

Most new traders tend to focus on how much money can be made on a per trade or month basis. This mainly stems from watching different traders on social media flashing their winning trades. But what’s unknown is their actual capital and some time whether they are actually trading a REAL account. But that’s a different topic for another time.

GBPCAD Technical Analysis

As shown in the chart below, daily price action broke above the resistance level at $1.64 to print a higher high around $1.66 zone. Following this higher high, price has now pulled back to find support at uptrend line and the EMA’s. Forming a breakout and a pullback to its previous support structure. On the […]

How I came up with my first Forex Trading Strategy

You don’t necessarily need full blown strategy to start back testing. Because no strategy goes into my real money account before a solid multi year backtest. This is what I did. I hope this will help you come up with a new strategy or tweak your exciting trading strategy. When you start to work on […]

GOLD (XAUUSD) setting up for a another push up

Daily price action has made a higher high at $1.557 and now has pulled back to its previous structure level at $1.500. $ 1.500 price zone has provided multiple support levels arising from Price Support & EMA support.  One thing watch out is if this pull back start to form a Bearish Flag.  Ideally I […]

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