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Who is the Vagabond  Trader

Hello, My name is Lakith aka The Vagabond Trader. I’m a Forex trader located in the True North, i.e. Toronto Canada. For full transparency I’m still employed as a full time Project Manager in Canada and currently in the journey of building sufficient capital to say good bye to my 9-5 for good.  I have been trading the currency market since late 2013 and has been profitable since 2016.  

The journey to consistent profitability was not a smooth one, it was filled with a lot of low points where I felt as if trading was not my calling, felt stupid for making the same mistakes while everyone else was becoming profitable and I kept giving back my profits by the end of month came. At time felt that I was using the wrong strategy and kept changing my strategy every time I saw someone else making money. Through the years and the through constant learning I finally created a plan and a strategy that works for me. It will always be a in work in progress state as i deal with ever changing markets and human emotions. As you take you time to browse through this site you will learn that we keep risk management front and centre to all our decisions.

Who is this website for :

For new and experienced Forex traders who have finally come to realization that

☑ Trading the currency market is not a get rich quick scheme.

☑ You want to improve your Swing Trading and Intraday Trading skills

☑ You want to create an income source to support a Nomadic/Vagabond lifestyle

☑ You cant figure out how others make millions but you still cannot make 2 consecutive profitable months

☑ Risk Management – You have more winning trades than loosing ones but still losses money

☑ You’ve been trading profitable but would like to get further educated

☑ You want to be a part of most helpful community of traders

What you will get from TheVagabondTrader.com

? Trading 101 Video series – work in progress

   ? Educational Articles on Price action trading

? Educational articles on Trade psychology

? Weekly Watchlist

? Educational articles on different indicators that are helpful

? Trading Strategies

? Travel

Why Forex Trading ?

As the name suggest, Vagabond or to travel,  is a big part of my life. As of today I have been fortunate enough to travel to Canada, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Bahamas, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Amsterdam. I have done all of this by utilizing my puny three to four weeks of vacation per year from my full time job. As I grew older and started the search for my passion and calling , I found it to come in the form of travel ?. With this in mind I started looking into way that I can earn a good income while still having nomadic lifestyle. I didn’t want to spend my adult life being a backpacker. I wanted to have the ability travel to nice places and stay in nice hotels. Ability to treat my family and loved ones with nothing but the best. The more I looked into the Forex Trading it became very evident to me that I could achieve financial independence and fulfill my dream of traveling through trading foreign exchange market. In this website I plan on documenting this journey and also help other traders like myself to achieve their goals.

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